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 Endrema Soft ! We Are Web Design & Development Heroes

We have offered our website designing services to major corporate houses globally and became a trusted website design partner as a leading web design company. As a website development company our focus is to always showcase your needs in its relevant perspective and have found that the best approach is to have a web site that is simple, fast loading and easy to navigate, providing the right information to user.
Srinagar based (Kashmir) with a passion for the web and in helping businesses, organisations and individuals get online.Get in touch to find out how I can help with your website project.Whether you're a student looking to showcase your work, a professional looking to attract clients, or a graphic artist looking to share your projects, this is the perfect destination for your projects, bussinesses or organizations to get flourished. ! 









Our Best Products

With latest technologies in the market.

 Hospital Management

Endrema Hospital Management System(HMS) is created at the fruits of the analysis task. The perform and performance allotted to package as a part of the system engineering and refined by establishing an entire data description, an in-depth useful description, an illustration of system behaviour, indication of performance necessities and style constrains, applicable validation criteria and also the different data associated with necessities.

 Travel Management

Endrema Travel Management may be a package program giving straight, inventive and economical solutions to travel agencies within the business to modify them simply track their operations. Endrema Soft acquires the specified infrastructure so as to firm will run all the daily operations with the menus designed unambiguously and specifically for the prevailing departments of firm. Contract, Reservation, Operation, Tours and Invoicing main modules offer each department the chance to trace.

 Lab Management

Our product has been the industry’s most technically advanced Laboratory Management System since its introduction to the market, and it continues to carry that position these days. Your business can enjoy capabilities like browser-based readying, external-facing internet portals, and absolutely configurable internet services whereas at constant time having the richest catalogue of standard laboratory management package practicality from that to draw once deciding a way to implement your (ELMS) system. Endrema's (ELMS) may be a package for Clinical Labs to take care of records of patients with correct take a look at reports and results.

 School Management

School Management resolution to arrange succeeding generations. Cloud based School Management System may be a complete school management package designed to change a school’s numerous operations from categories, exams to highschool events calendar. This school package contains a powerful on-line community to bring folks,faculty, academics and students on a standard interactive platform.

 Accounting Management

Endrema Accounting package (EAS) describes a kind of application package that records and processes accounting transactions inside practical modules like accounts due , assets, payroll, and balance. It functions as Associate in Nursing accounting data system. it should be developed in-house by the organization exploitation it is also purchased from a 3rd party, or is also a mixture of a third-party application package package with native modifications.

 Customised Management

Don't look ahead to your competition to snare your valuable customers as a result of they need a superior business code resolution. Our skilled custom code consultants will assist you outline economical business processes that may improve your operational efficiencies and your time and cash, equally necessary. Our custom code designers can assist you appraise business practices and code solutions designed to extend client loyalty and improve client retention. If you're serious regarding your business and E-commerce code then you must think about code consulting, code style, custom code development or a custom code resolution from Endrema Soft.

Our Services

Web Design

We are known for our innovative approach to website designing. In Srinagar, we are emerging as the best rated service provider for website designing & re-designing.

Web Development

We are best at web & software development services using various latest technologies. Your's is imagination and we convert that imagination into practical with codes.

Mobile Solutions

We deal in all types of mobile app designing and development. A well trained app developer team is always available to your service.

Graphics Design

We always believe in innovation & creativity and we always keep our customer satisfaction at first priorty.


Endrema Soft offers e-commerce website services to enable you to sell your products online in a safe and secure technical environment.

Website Maintenance

We offer website maintenance and web hosting services, that allows individuals and organizations their own website to be accessible via the World Wide Web.

More About Us

Quality services & solutions is responsible for the elevation of Endrema Soft to the position of one of the leading companies providing the best web designs and web development solutions in Srinagar. Sure, we happen to be flexible and try to provide cost effective solutions for all our clients but it is never by compromising on quality. As a web development company our solutions have been excellent so far and will continue to remain so as we believe that quality should be the main focus of our company. It does not pay to be mediocre ever this principle has succeeded in helping us to beat competition effectively.

Endrema Soft is recognized as one of the leading web development company of Srinagar. It has endeared itself to its clients who find it akin to a guiding force that keeps the desired web campaign on path thereby allowing the clients to reach their goals steadfastly. We listen closely to your ideas and envision them practically in order to provide the best solution for your needs. Our team makes use of their experience along with the latest tech tools so that the viewer is rewarded with an enriching web experience. It also helps you to reach your business goals and increase your profitability.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of designers & developers. We are unique & our designs also are unique. As web development company, we can assure 100% satisfaction and good quality websites to our clients. We provide Websites at affordable price.
Online advertising is a big business and growing rapidly. Online marketing is very cost efficient. Marketing of a product or service is very much essential for the business to run well. Display advertising conveys its advertising message visually using text, logos, animations, videos, photographs, or other graphics.
Just by making a website built doesnt help you get visitors, so SEO services helps you to gain visitors in your website through various techniques by us.
It's tough getting noticed on the Web. A Web page can provide useful information about a popular subject in an interactive and engrossing way, yet still attract few visitors.
We are providing best rates on our websites and softwares. we always make our clients happy to give them best services within their Bugdet.
So make a connection with us to avail our services on very best rates among all companies.
Get ready to welcome increased number of visitors to your website and rejoice in converting the leads effectively via unique digital marketing strategies. The top professionals of our core team will enable you to have direction wherein you have an edge over your business rivals ..

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